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Tug Scrub 1 L

Tug Scrub 1 L

C$24.99 Regular Price
C$21.24Sale Price
  • "Effortlessly remove grime and salt buildup from your boat with Tug Scrub's powerful, eco-friendly formula."
  • "Keep your decks and hulls spotless with Tug Scrub, the concentrated marine cleaner designed for tough tasks."
  • "Tug Scrub delivers a pristine clean for all your marine surfaces, ensuring your vessel always looks its best."
  • "Experience the ultimate in boat care with Tug Scrub, engineered to tackle even the toughest marine dirt."
  • Get "R" Done Dillutions

    Xanthan Gum / La Gomme Xanthane (a polymeric carbohydrate derived from bacteria cultures best known as a thickener in products such as chocolate milk.)

    Alcohol Ethoxylate / Akool Ethoxylate (a water soluble organic compound produced from fermented, distilled and oxygenated plant material.)

    Sodium Citrate / Citrate de Sodium ( a water soluble salt of citric acid)

    Sodium Carbonate / Le Carbonate de sodium (washing soda)

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