It is not common knowledge that gel coat is porous like skin and will oxidize and become dull, dry and chalky as it ages.. just like your skin.

There are many more senses than sight. We must make physical contact with our bare hands. Touch the surfaces we are caring for. Knowing the hard and soft edges consciously. Connecting to our project. Transfering this awareness to our cloths, microfibers, wool pads, foam pads and back to our opened hand. The relationship we are building becomes an unconscious competence after much practice and diligent attention to exactly what we're doing. Inch by inch, top to bottom and front to back of every movement wemake as your detailer.

About Deck Polishing
Deck polishing services selected for the premium health of boat exteriors. We have many solutions and maintenance options to restore, revitalize and reconstitute the health of your gel coat surfaces. Wet sanding, Compounding and/or polishing services for surfaces above the deck line including the cockpit. Vessels with additional decks will be calculated at 1.5 x LOA.

The deck surfaces require corrections . The elements are constantly attacking your gel coat producing
oxidation every day without protection. The measure of oxidation can be seen as dull, felt as dry and the worst cases can leave a chalky residue when touched and the pours of your gel coat will fill up with black mold. We correct the surface then offer you choices to protect the surface from harmful UV and environmental contamination. 

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