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Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaning Solution: TugScrub 1L Available

Updated: Apr 29

Are you in search of an eco-friendly solution to keep your boat looking pristine without harming the environment? Look no further than the latest offering from We Beautify Boats – a 1L bottle of their specially formulated boat cleaning solution, TugScrub.

We Beautify Boats, a well-established boat beautification business based in Toronto, Ontario, has been in the industry for over 25 years. Their expertise in yacht detailing services is unparalleled, covering everything from interior and exterior detailing to polishing, compounding, wood refinishing, and mold and pest abatement. What sets We Beautify Boats apart is their commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions for boat care.

TugScrub, is a testament to this dedication. Made with biodegradable ingredients, TugScrub is tough on grime and dirt yet gentle on the environment. Priced at 24.99 CAD for a 1L bottle, it offers great value for environmentally conscious boat owners.

In addition to their line of eco-friendly products, We Beautify Boats also offers 100% mobile services, bringing their expertise directly to onsite marinas, yacht clubs, or private storage locations. Whether you need a quick clean-up or a full detailing session, their team of professionals is equipped to handle all your boat beautification needs.

Looking ahead, We Beautify Boats has plans to expand their services to include winter steam detailing and interior sanitization, as well as top-to-bottom polishing during the colder months. By keeping 6 to 10 crew members active year-round, they are dedicated to providing top-notch service to their customers no matter the season.

So, if you're in the market for a reliable and eco-friendly boat cleaning solution, consider trying out TugScrub from We Beautify Boats. Your boat – and the environment – will thank you.

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