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A beautiful boat is....

not just a vessel, but a cherished companion. It thrives on love, care, and endless adventures on the water, each day a new story waiting to unfold.

Our 4 areas of attention

Deck Service Features

At We Beautify Boats, every swipe of the cloth and polish is a step towards preserving the essence and elegance of your yacht. Let us help you maintain the grandeur and allure of your vessel with our unparalleled deck service.

Comprehensive Care for Every Detail:

Our deck service goes beyond the basics. For vessels that haven't been professionally attended to, we offer a transformative restoration, tackling general filth, mold, and the challenging oxidization of gel coat. It's a meticulous process where our expertise shines, restoring brilliance to even the most neglected decks.

Our Team's Unique Expertise:

Equipped with their own comprehensive toolkit and an arsenal of premium products, our team leaders boast a minimum of five years of experience across a wide spectrum of yacht makes and models. Their expertise is reflected in our unwavering 100% customer satisfaction rate on delivery day, underscoring our commitment to excellence and detail.

the transom step through of a sailing yacht with freshly oiled teak

Regular Maintenance for Unwavering Elegance:

We recommend a weekly washing schedule to keep your yacht in pristine condition. Polishing is advised annually to protect and enhance the deck's shine, while a protective treatment every three months ensures lasting beauty and resilience against the elements.

Investing in Your Yacht's Future:

Understanding the investment in your yacht's appearance and preservation, we offer transparent pricing that reflects the quality and thoroughness of our service.  For decks in need of more intensive restoration, our polishing services range from $50/ft for a refreshing touch-up to $400/ft for comprehensive wet sanding and restoration.

the brow of a beautifully polished powerboat reflecting the clouds,

Interior Service Features

Our Interior Service at We Beautify Boats is a comprehensive journey from the companionway to the furthest corner, ensuring every inch of your yacht's interior reflects perfection. We address every hard surface, condition all soft surfaces, and meticulously vacuum carpeted areas, ensuring your yacht's interior is not just clean, but pristine.

Thorough Cleaning from Stem to Stern:

loooking inside a powerboat you notice the pattern of freshly steamed carpets

Our approach is exhaustive: we clean from top to bottom, front to back, leaving no area untouched. Our goal is to ensure your yacht's interior is a welcoming, clean space where every surface gleams, and every fabric feels luxuriously maintained.

Routine and Responsive Care:

We advocate for a spring cleaning, monthly maintenance during the boating season, and a thorough fall sanitization to prevent water or bacterial development in storage. Our proactive approach ensures your yacht's interior remains in optimal condition year-round.

Addressing the Most Challenging Scenarios:

looking inside a sailing yacht, all wood brightwork glistening

Our team is equipped to handle even the most severe interior challenges, from pest invasions and mold accumulation to the aftermath of sunken vessels. Specialized tools, products, and protective gear are employed to address black mold, while our expertise in microbial cleaning ensures a healthy, safe environment post-treatment. In cases of fire damage, our meticulous process aims to restore your yacht's interior from the effects of smoke, carbon, and fire extinguisher residue.

Specialized Expertise for Unmatched Results:

Led by Spike, a marine technology expert with over 25 years of experience, our team brings profound knowledge of boat systems and design into every service. Our expertise in pest and mold control, combined with a deep understanding of yacht interiors, sets us apart, ensuring every detail is addressed with precision and care.

Hull Service Features

Our Hull Service at We Beautify Boats is designed to enhance the beauty and performance of your yacht's hull, encompassing a suite of essential care procedures including washing, polishing, and protection. We recognize the hull as more than just a structure; it's the heart of your yacht's aesthetic appeal and seaworthiness.

Meticulous Washing and Drying:

Accessing and meticulously cleaning the hull, especially along the waterline, presents unique challenges. Whether it's docked or moored, our team employs the necessary techniques and equipment, including our tender "White Pearl," to ensure comprehensive washing and drying for vessels up to 85 feet LOA.

Expertise That Sets Us Apart:

Our team's deep understanding of various hull surfaces allows us to tailor our approach to each yacht, ensuring optimal results. This expertise, combined with the efficiency of our tender, enables us to offer unparalleled service quality, regardless of the yacht's size or location.

the sun breaking across the bow of a beautiful power yacht that reflect our logo we beautify boats

Regular Polishing and Protection:

To maintain the hull's integrity and luster, we recommend a polishing schedule in the fall or spring, coupled with monthly protective treatments. Our use of advanced wax or SiO2 additives in our washing formula adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your hull in prime condition.

Transparent Pricing for Exceptional Service:

Pricing for Hull Service is influenced by the yacht's initial condition and the level of care required. Basic wash and dry services start at $14/ft, while more intensive restoration, such as wet sanding, begins at $200/ft. Our commitment is to provide transparent, value-driven service that reflects the meticulous care we provide.

this sailing yachts blinding hull shine captured beautifully

Bottom Service Features

At We Beautify Boats, our Bottom Service is an essential procedure aimed at maintaining your yacht's performance and longevity. It's a specialized service that addresses the unique needs of a yacht's underside, ensuring it remains clean, efficient, and free of potentially damaging marine growth.

Specialized Preparation and Application:

Our service begins with a thorough prep cleaning using acid to remove algae and fouling, followed by prep sanding to create the perfect surface for epoxy or anti-fouling paint application. This meticulous preparation ensures the best possible adherence and longevity of protective coatings.

Recommended Service Intervals:

We recommend an annual Bottom Service for large yachts to maintain optimal performance and protect against degradation. For trailered boats, a service with every haul-out is advised to prevent the spread of invasive species and maintain a clean, efficient hull.

boat bottom of a small boat with a clear progress image of foul being removed

Exceptional Skill for a Critical Task:

Bottom Service is not for the untrained or the faint-hearted. The physical demands are intense, and the use of toxic products requires comprehensive personal protective equipment and expert handling. Our team's expertise is paramount, ensuring that every step is performed with precision and safety in mind.

Uncompromising Quality and Safety:

Our approach to Bottom Service is defined by our commitment to thoroughness and safety. There are no shortcuts when dealing with the potentially hazardous conditions of bottom servicing. Our team's meticulous attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols ensure the highest quality of service.

freshly painted sailboat bottom stands out at dusk




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