What is a Star Client anyways?

February 8, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by Shane "Spike" Desloges
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Serving the boating industry since 1997 we have learned from all our interactions. A lot of boat owners have become accustomed to transactional relationships. The conflict consistently arrises when maintenance falls short of consistent.

Often these relationships experience communication breakdowns. Expectations rarely are met with thorough education. We have maintained that

"it's the way we beautify boats that separates us!"

Our social media has become a very popular destination for education in the boat detailing arts. A global following of boaters, brokers and niche contractors have benefitted from our transparency and ability to "ASK SPIKE" in an unfiltered absolute fashion.

We are the recreational boat service company that is absolutely focused on boat detailing but always happy to chat boat 365 days a year with no limit to the questions that provide the resources to getrdone on the water, everyday!

How do we Getrdone?

A typical new customer will acquire a boat that is 10 years old, often older. The reset process can be all very expensive and take a wack of time to get done.

This is the problem, the exchange of time and experience for dollars is complicated by budgets and mother nature making all the real decisions on when stuff will actually get done.

We are also complicated by boats that will be beautified fully once every 5 years. Sometime we will do all the polishing, painting , wood refinishing, deep interior detailing and then the seasonal upkeep is contracted to a cleaner, not a detailer.

The solution :

Hire a professional detailer to continuously care for your investment in recreational boating. We help our clients realize their most important goals. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, We Beautify Boats by Spike is uniquely equipped to make a significant and lasting impact on clients’ lives. We know our clients’ needs are always changing, so continually seek new and improved ways to serve them.


Weekly management above the deck line includes full correction, protection and maintenance to Spike's Standards of all surfaces and lockers.

Bi-weekly management of surfaces between the waterline and deck line includes full correction, protection and maintenance to Spike's Standards Monthly management of all areas of all interior surfaces including our deepest detail, protection and maintenance to Spike's Standards

Annual management of all areas of the surfaces below the waterline including bottom painting/foul removal.

Anti-foul removal (add 300/ft)40 Ft. LOA examples;

An inaugural season of a well maintained boat would include.

Deck Polish 50/ft

Deck Protection 20/ft

Hull Polish 40/ft

Hull Protection 15/ft

Bottom Prep 18/ft

Bottom Paint 22/ft

Interior Spring Clean 38/ft

Weekly Deck Washes 85/ft

Monthly interior 48/ft

Hull Wash 10/ft

Monthly Deck Protection 50/ft

Totalling and average of $396/ft $15,940

The following season would see the polishing requirements be much less, Bottom painting not required and everything else remaining a requirement of a well maintained boat.

Totalling an average $326/ft or $13,040

Most boats are not well maintained.

Most boat owners do not hire anybody to be their detailer.

Most boats only wax, never compound, polish or perform maintenance washes and add protection throughout the season.

Most boats have never had their bilges or engine room detailed, ever!

Our boats are the stars in every marina and yacht club in Ontario because we do more, service more, care more, travel more, equip better, train more, read more, learn more constantly to deliver a higher quality service and yes, we charge more.

Our boats also sell for more because its ultra obvious that our boats have been cared for in an exceptional way.

"It's the way we beautify boats that separates us"

Classic (more than 4 years old) would recieve our consistent care for 48 months for just $708.40/month or 177.10/weekly

New Client (less than 3 years old) would receive our consistent care for just $666.40 or 166.60/week

And the STAR CLIENTS (already in our care for 3 seasons) will continue to receive our consistent care plus a FREE subscription to our yacht management application designed by Spike

for just $555.20/mth or $138.80/week (calculated with 40 ft.LOA) .... THIS IS AWESOME!

Your boat can always become a STAR CLIENT when its care is consistent for more than 3 seasons. Making our work easier and making your boat more valuable!

It should also be mentioned that the cash flow limitations of a seasonal business are being eliminated with this program. That is also AWESOME. Allowing us to maintain our staff year round with additional training programs to enhance their viability in the recreational boating business.

Book Spike Now and have your boat beautified by Ontario's premier boat detailing company.

Our commitment to being the best is absolute!


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