We don't do fear, We Do Awesome

March 25, 2020 at 12:00 PM
no crew til april 6th.png

Spike here with some tough medicine to swallow. The world of @WeBeautifyBoats is the family of crew, clients and marine service contractors I have sacrificed my entire life for since 1997.

In the beginning I hustled this business into existence on my roller skates, alone, traversing the province with nobody to answer to but my dreams, goals and passion for the environment.


Today I realize not much has changed except for acquiring a lot more tools, a boat and a sweet van. I am still alone, forcing it, fighting the feeling that I will soon grow weary from the grind.


My values are being put into to question.

I will recount them here for you now

Stretch goals

Continuous Improvement

Finding the flow state

Unconscious competence

Looking forward

Respectful rapport

Constant Feedback


During this COVID19 moment in time I have decided that our crew and new hires will not be scheduled until April 6th, tentatively.

One of our last Instagram post details our value of Looking forward to being back on the water immediately as the government of Ontario described Marine Craft Maintenance as an essential service.

I will be on the water.

I’m in business to be on the water.

Never have I or will I be on the water to be in business.

Know the difference and approach the knowledge of why I am Spike On The Water.

We don’t do fear. We do awesome.