Why You Should Never Neglect These Things on Your Boat! Number 3 Is A Tough One!

August 14, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Why You Should Never Neglect These Things on Your Boat! Number 3 Is A Tough One!

You love a beautiful boat. We love a beautiful boat. Everyone loves a beautiful boat! No area should go untouched when it comes to maintaining a sparkling environment on board. That being said, there are some hard-to-clean spots that if ignored, can lead to some unwanted consequences. Here's what to do to make sure your vessel stays in tip top shape.

1. Vinyl Boat Seats

Vinyl seems pretty durable, but with constant exposure to the hot sun and UV rays, discoloration and cracking can occur. Spike's Tug Scrub will keep the surface clean to remove grime and grit before it settles in. It's an awesome choice for a product that'll keep your seats looking clean and new.

2. Mildew - Anywhere!

Mildew can appear in any spot that doesn't get the chance to fully dry. It's actually a live growing organism that can attach itself to most surfaces including fabrics. Unfortunately, milidew, if unattended to, can leave stains and even permanent damage. You can easily identify it as a patch of gray, green, or even white fungus that is laying on the surface. Fortunately, a quick DIY fix we love is Tug Scrub, hot water and a hand-held scrub brush (or toothbrush for smaller places and in cracks) can clear up this problem real quick. Sometimes mildew can cause allergies, too, so it's important to clean it up as soon as you notice an issue!

3. The Engine Rooms and the Bilges

Okay, this is probably one of the trickiest spots! The engine rooms and bilges get passed over far too frequently. Many boaters let them sit for too long, until there's suddenly unwanted odors on board. Detailing the engine room and bilge is a tough job, and getting deep into these areas can be difficult. That's why it's recommended to have engine rooms and bilges cleaned professionally at least once per year to avoid unpleasant smells and/or engine rooms filled with oil residue or watermarks. For bilge cleaning, we always use biodegradable products like Tug Scrub so that your boat and the environment can stay healthy. Once we're finished with your engine room and bilge and ensure any oil and grit is carefully and correctly removed, you can say goodbye to odor-causing grime, and say hello to a beautified boat!