Steamy Secrets: Why it’s Best to Clean with Steam

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We beautify boats detailer standing up through a CS36 sailboat hatch steam cleaning a hatch on a beautiful day, blue skies and light clouds

With so many cleaning products on the market, it can be tough to find the one that works best for the job. We all aim to be conscious of harmful chemicals in products, and offer an all-purpose chemical-free, environmentally-friendly option with our much loved Tug Scrub. Sometimes though, the candidate for the job, especially as your vessel prepares for hibernation mode, is a thorough steam clean. We’re letting you in on the not-so-secret reason why.

Cleaning with steam is simpler, healthier and in the long run, a more cost effective choice, because a truly deep clean is achieved, minimizing buildup of dirt and stains. Steam cleaning provides that deep-clean and the high temperatures can kill bacteria and germs that may be lingering on surfaces, on carpets, in cushions, etc… It’s a cleaning-solution-free option, safe for people with allergies, asthma, or any chemical sensitivities.

So, why is a professional steam clean the best for your boat?

Water & Heat

The cleaning power in steam cleaning comes from two simple elements: water and heat. With no chemicals, we can’t go wrong! No additives or harmful ingredients will touch your boat, you, or the environment. Steam cleaning can restore dirty tile and grout to new, and leave grime-filled areas looking immaculate and sparkling. So, for a real good seasonal detailing, steam is the way to go.

Deodorize & Sanitize

Steam deodorizes and sanitizes at the same time. The results from steam cleaning completely surpass common cleaning methods that use solvents and rags. Steam cleaning is great at any time, but especially during that time of the year when boats go into storage, steam is a great choice for a thorough deep clean.

Hot Vapor Kills Germs and More

The hot vapor of the steam penetrates deep down into the pores of surfaces. As we clean, the steam expands and forces all debris, dirt and bacteria to the surface. The vapor is extremely hot, so pathogens like E. Coli, Salmonella, dust mites, and more are extracted and killed.

Interested in a professional steam clean? We’d love to steam your boat, because the best you can do for your boat is to wrap it up clean and it with steam!