Ringing in the New Year

January 1, 2020 at 6:00 AM

New year, new goals, greater heights. As I reflect on the time that's passed, I'm reminded that a mariner is constantly put to the test as they enter into unknown conditions. I was brought face to face with a sort of allegorical meaning of boating, with a journey I took across lake Ontario last summer. I had breached the channel into the unknown conditions while the crew was already dispatched to return to Toronto from St. Catherines. The heavy warm wind made the direction absolute while crushing waves pushed what would normally have been a 90 minute trip to a 3 hour expedition. These very wet, lonely hours in the dark with nothing more than a compass to guide the way opened up the mind for some serious introspection. Yes, another day in the life of Spike, but at the same time, a reminder to press forward even when the environment is rough and surroundings appear bleak. I began to see the city in the distance. Tiny but bright, I could begin to see my destination as the waves distorted up from down, and port from starboard. I adjusted on faith alone, and with overwhelming relief, I brought myself safely to shore and docked my boat.

There are so many of our tasks that we accept in our detailing service to make a boat beautiful that set the tone for the next boat that just may be as much of a treacherous journey. I view the marine world as a constant allegorical tale of acceptance, overcoming, and accomplishment where we always become more because each experience enables us to do so. As a result, we accept more, deliver more, and serve more than ever before. So, we find ourselves here and now, ready to face this 2020 year, and we have reflected on all of the lessons we have been gifted that have prepared us for right here, right now.