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Coming Soon - Tug Scrub: The All-Purpose Cleaner Redefined

Welcome to Tug Scrub: Versatility at Its Best!

At Tug Scrub, we believe in the power of versatility and efficiency. Our all-purpose cleaner is not just a product; it's a solution for a variety of cleaning needs. We are thrilled to announce that Tug Scrub is expanding its horizons with exciting new applications that cater to diverse requirements. Whether it's for boats, bird droppings, makeup brushes, or specialized cleaning tasks, Tug Scrub has you covered!

Boats: Sparkling Clean, Every Time

For all the boat enthusiasts out there, Tug Scrub is your go-to cleaner for maintaining the pristine condition of your vessels. Whether it's the deck, hull, or interior, our formula ensures a thorough clean without harming the environment. Get ready to sail on a spotless boat!

Bird Droppings: A Cleaner Solution

Dealing with bird droppings can be a messy affair. Tug Scrub effectively removes bird droppings from any surface, leaving no trace behind. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to cleanliness.

Makeup Brushes: Beauty Meets Cleanliness

Your makeup brushes deserve the best care. Tug Scrub gently cleans and sanitizes your brushes, ensuring they are free from makeup residue and bacteria. Keep your beauty routine hygienic and flawless with Tug Scrub.

Kink Clean: Special Care for Special Items

Introducing our most unique application yet: Kink Clean. Designed specifically for cleaning sex toys and S&M gear, Kink Clean ensures your items are hygienic and ready for use. Our formula is gentle yet effective, making sure your special items are cleaned with care.

Home Applications: Versatile and Reliable

Tug Scrub is perfect for various home applications. From kitchen counters to bathroom tiles, our all-purpose cleaner tackles dirt and grime effortlessly. Keep your home sparkling clean with Tug Scrub.

Get Some Now!

Excited to try out the new applications of Tug Scrub? Don't wait any longer! Head over to our website and get your bottle of Tug Scrub today. Experience the versatility and efficiency that only Tug Scrub can offer.

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