Laps and Layers

February 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM

L&L (Laps and Layers) is one of our founding philosophies.

We zoom out for the big picture and zoom all the way in to diagnose formulas and potentially multiple formulas that are present.  We assess what needs to be removed and then relegate unwanted layers. After this assessment is done, we restore and reclaim the beauty of the natural surfaces we love without the interference of days, weeks, months, years and sometimes decades of time that have weathered away a healthy appearance. Laps and layers allow us to implement maintenance at its best.

Zooming Out
For another complete review, we find surfaces in zones that are in contrast to each other by zooming out. Sometimes a treatment is contradictory to another treatment, and have no benefit when used simultaneously. These contradictory applications can even become a bother if precise precautions are overlooked.

This is why it is critical to LOOK, TOUCH, SMELL and LISTEN to these boats. We make sense by using all the senses to provide your boat with the best care possible.

Zooming In
Looking closely, we begin to build up protection. A careful close-up look allows us to see the different protection methods in every section and very importantly, a serious zoom in helps us to correctly complete with accuracy and consistency in every zone. Complete and consistent are our favourite buzz words when it comes to every lap as we move through the layers.

Zones & Sections: Deck, Hull, Bottom, Interior

Gelcoat, non-skid, bright work, teak decking, rigging hardware, structural hardware, stripping, seating in canvas or vinyl, plastic hardware, zippers, canvas, isinglass, strataglass, glass, gauges, controls opulently built blending plastics with metals in fine tolerances, carpets tops, bottom, snaps and trims, ropes, lines, locker lids, bottoms and beyond.


Gelcoat, paint, rub rails of blended metal and wood or rubber mouldings, vinyl decals, frames for glass or plastic windows, through hulls spouts, waterlines and stem lips.


Uniform gelcoat, fouled, anti fouled, aged and degraded anti foul, epoxy barriers, through hulls from sensors and pumps, propulsion systems, hydraulics, trim tabs, stabilizers, keel seams, rudders, ladders, lifts.

Absolutely unlimited details.

In all our years making boats beautiful the one thing that remains constant is that manufacturers will continue to be creative. We test our resolve to adapt and attack assertively and accurately.

We beautify boats.

Our craft is a science and an art.

The most expensive detailer is a cheap one.

We work, you play, on the water.. Everyday!