April 2, 2020 at 10:00 AM
by Shane "Spike" Desloges
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Our new global pandemic reality has many people living in fear. We don’t do that sort of thing here at WE BEAUTIFY BOATS. We Do Awesome

First I would like to shoutout my little brother Christopher Desloges, President of the Toronto Sign Laguage Interpreter Service.

He is doing AWESOME!!!!

In our family and our businesses we accept the challenge to be of exceptional service to the communities we serve.

Earlier this year our mother Jennifer Monteith received the 2019 Trillium Gift Of Life Network Champion Award.

And now, Lets talk about Spike On the water.

Our Q2 sales have dropped from 97K to just $600 dollars and 80% of the sites we serve are closed. We understand that this too will pass.

We have stopped accepting new bookings until April 6th.

This is Spring 2020. We will learn what we can from this extended winter. This is what I have resolved to call it.

Jim Rohn, a great mentor of mine said

“ As the wheel of life continues its constant turn, all human emotions appear, disappear, and appear once again. We sit in amazement in the role of spectators, as a generation living in morality becomes an immoral generation, giving us cause to predict the end of the world, as did our forefathers when confronted by the same dilemma generations before.”


A black swan event is detailed as highly unlikely to happen but would have severe consequences if they did.

The COVID-19 event is just a small player in the international financial crisis that was projected by many paying hyper attention to the marketplace trends since 2008.

I am not here to stir any conspiracy. I am going to say I saw it coming.

Feedback provided by mentors, media and especially history books; I am duty bound to make the adjustments required of my upgraded knowledge and awareness.

Our STAR CLIENT PROGRAM was launched in 2019 to mitigate any interruptions to our viability as a business in 2020.

To shift from full payment in advance of scheduling to a continuous care guarantee with a low monthly fee has created an monthly residual income for our business and a surety that the boats participating in our program will be, without fail, corrected, protected and now consistently disinfected with VITAL OXIDE. Recently approved by the EPA to kill COVID-19

The difficulty in accepting a financial battering like most people are experiencing across the globe is due to a lack of preparedness, diversification and values.

We value our time on the water more than any dollar can provide. We also value respectful rapport in all of our communications.

This level of trust, transparency and real love for service is highly unlikely to be found elsewhere in recreational boating or any service industry and will have consequences in the future.

It is our continued vision to create opportunities for all in the marine environment and to make the adjustments that will allow for the sustainability of our lifestyle.

Spike's Marine Station continues to be a visionary project that keeps our future bright with the knowledge that access to food, water, culture and exceptional service will continue to be essential.

We are so grateful for the numerous calls and emails from our clients to ratify any concerns about access to our services.

Our team is healthy and staying home for now.

Our service boat "The White Pearl" is on the water and ready to go anywhere in Ontario

Our apprenticeship application is finalizing the users interface.

Our new 8 seat crew vehicle is beautiful and ready to serve anywhere in Ontario.

The We Beautify Boats North crew based in Owen Sound are is prepared to service the Grey Brruce and Simcoe region.

All will be served in a safe and timely manner.

In closing, we implore you to make an adjustment for your yacht. This asset needs continuous care and we are here to provide that care.

We hope to see all of your boats on the water very soon becoming the premium choice for maintaining social distancing and self isolation.


See Spike talk about it...