5 Reasons why Our Gift Cards are the Best Idea!

December 12, 2019 at 5:00 AM
by Spike Desloges

5 Reasons why Our Gift Cards are the Best Idea!

Happy Holidays! It's that time of year to find gifts for loved ones that are exciting, useful, and memorable! Don't know what to buy? Guess what? Our gift cards'll do the trick for your mariners and boat lovers alike. Here's why:

1. It gives 'em a practical choice! 
Boat needs love. You can help! Nobody wants anything impractical, and you can help your boating loved ones prepare for the 2020 boating season with our gift card!
2. It's actually really personal!
Think gift cards are impersonal? Think again. Giving someone our voucher really shows that you know what they'll need and use! Now, that's impressive, and it doesn't get any more personal than reading minds! Much better than cash.
3. No awkwardness.  
Nobody likes that awkward moment of receiving a gift that we'll likely never use. With our We Beautify Boats gift card, you know you're giving something they'll love! They choose the service because you chose right!

4. Anyone can have one.
Our gift cards can be for anyone. Unlike specific presents that point out an age group, relationship, or time of year, giving the gift of 'boat' is always suitable, for everyone and anyone.
5. Convenience.
No shopping yet? No problem. You can purchase our gift cards easily online right here in our online store: https://spikeonthewater.myshopify.com/collections/gift-vouchers
Wha's even cooler than that, is your recipient gets to book their service online, from the comfort of their own home. Easy.

Plus: The difficult task of referring a marine contractor based on a promise is no longer a problem. In three denominations our beautiful gift vouchers give anybody the ability to secure our services, anywhere in Ontario!

$500 can serve most boats a Level III Deck Wash or a basic Level I Interior Detailing

$1000 could serve most boats a Level II hull Polish, a simple spring cleaning or a second month when a new boat joins in our brand new Star Client Program

$2500 gift will deliver most boats a Level III or IV Deck polish. Maybe you know someone with a 40 footer that needs an Interior Steam Clean and thorough Deck Wash.

Our standard booking form has been eliminated to make room for 50 STAR CLIENTS. Our gift Vouchers are the one other way to have Ontario's Premier Detailing Company serve your boat without a long term commitment.

You can purchase our gift cards easily online right here in our online store: Visit Our Store Today

See you On The Water!